“The night was her refuge
The day was but a snitch
Exposing every flaw
Memorizing every glitch
In the stars she saw the eyes
Of every soul she ever knew
Only to see the day
Steal away the sparkle
Leaving everything blue
The night was dark
But with light came gloom
Don’t get me wrong
Flowers need the sun to bloom
But she was a different kind
The kind that desperately needed the moon.”




“When the power of love overcomes the love of power

The world will know peace

But Jimi

How could you never see

That love is a very dangerous thing

Don’t gain the world and lose your soul

Wisdom is better than silver or gold

Marley you had to be pretty stoned to think

They wouldn’t flood you so deep you’ll sink

How can I go forward

When I don’t know which way I’m facing

Johnny always had the right words

Too bad they didn’t think he was worth saving

They were great


Crisping at the sight of the world now

All the way from under their stones.”







“Conditioned and brainwashed

When will you wake up

The skinny model you want to be

She is not happy

Her black eyes give it away

But it takes someone to care to see

That this pretty boy on your screen

Is not acting his melancholy

The slashes on his wrists are deep

But it takes someone to care to see

That everyone is beautiful

But no

They need you to go on a shopping spree

And buy all the things you don’t need

So you can be like the skinny model

And impress the boy on your screen

It takes someone to care to see

That the kind of beauty they sell

Is not the kind of beauty you need

But no one cares so no one sees

That we have drifted far

From everything we were supposed to be.”



Blue is the days you don’t want to wake up

Blue is the moment you want to cry but cannot

Blue is the sound he makes as he takes his final breath

Blue is the color of her teared up face

Blue is the feeling of nothingness

Blue hurts

Blue is revolting

Blue is the color of his eyes

Blue makes me cry

Blue is music

Blue is the motion of a hand waving you goodbye

Blue is all the looks I do not understand

Blue is depression

Blue is the color of my thoughts

Blue is Human emotions

Blue is consuming

Blue is exhausting

Blue is beautiful

Blue is me

Blue is magic

Blue is you

Blue is ugly

But damn

Blue is what I live for.”






“I do not believe in your god

I do not believe in one god

God is an awful lot of things

God is money

God is depression

God is power

God is greed

God is goodbyes

God is all the things taking over

All that you are

All that you have been

All that never want to be

And all the things you cannot  control

However I do believe in one god

The most powerful of them all

The only one worth living for

The only  higher power worth worshiping

I do not believe in your god

I believe in spontaneous acts of human kindness

Your god may or may not do good

But my god

My god changes the world”


Blue Bullet

“Ideas may be bulletproof but to fire they kneel

The chaos in your head is the revolution they don’t need

Darling take it from me

They will burn down your whole world to stay free”